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May 21, 2013 / Leibowitz Solo

Praise for Bryan Jeffries’ new book

Bryan Jeffries’ book, Fire Service Labor Management Relations: A Practitioner’s Guide, provides a comprehensive guide to the history, applications and politics involved with fire service labor management relations. If you negotiate on behalf of the fire service, this book is a must-read.PHOTO OF MY BOOK COVER


“Fire departments that are able to attract people of Bryan Jeffries’ caliber are very fortunate organizations. He’s not only as excellent fire fighter and fire officer – his leadership abilities serve him well in many other roles. … He is well-educated, always professional, experienced in politics and public policy, and respected almost universally by those who know him.”

— Chief Dennis Compton, Retired, Mesa and Phoenix Fire Department

“As a Union President, I am consumed daily by all of the issues we face to serve our members and our communities. It was nice to read this book and gain a more universal perspective of the integral roles labor and management play in creating the best fire service possible.”

–Frank DeClercq, President, San Diego Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 145

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